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A few words
about the lineage
and the starting point
for this family history

Beginning with Carolyn Stephens and her almost perfect little brother, James Stephens . . .

The parents of these adorable children are:

Virgil Stephens and Sallie Hyde

Virgil's parents are:

John Allen Stephens and Vivian Lucille Hammond

Sallie's parents are:

James Thomas Hyde and Bessie Mae Kile





















Welcome to the Stephens family Website!

Dionysius Virgil Stephens studio portrait as preacher

My great-grandfather, Dionysius Virgil Stephens, known as D. V. Stephens, or "Nish". This picture was taken shortly before his death in 1918. Look on this site for lots and lots of information about old D. V. and his two wives—or was it three?





What's here?
This site is all about the Stephens family tree, beginning with Carolyn and James Stephens (today) and moving backward into our family's history.

You'll find family-tree information, stories, and lots of old photographs.

As you might guess, all material is under copyright to the owner of this site, James Stephens. But if you want to use some of it in your own genealogy work, please contact me. I'm willing to share.

Growing the family tree

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can add more manure to my family's roots.

Just a weak foundation—so far
This site is under construction, but growing fast. Please check back frequently for more information and new pages, such as:




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