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Finding your ancestors
in Hollywood Cemetery

Enter the cemetery at your own risk.

Thousands of people are buried in Hollywood Cemetery's four major sections. I call the central section the main hill, shown at the right.

Beginning in 2010, I've been documenting and photographing as many graves as I can find. Along with thousands of records already created by my friend Judy Wilson, I am making a directory so that people can find the general location of their ancestors' graves.


Old photographs wanted

Help preserve history. If you have old photos of Hollywood Cemetery, please let me know. Or better still, please scan them (600 dpi or higher) and email them to me. I'd like to consider them for the Website.



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Hollywood Cemetery

DOWNLOAD the directory of more than 3260 burials in Hollywood Cemetery. If you don't find the name you are seeking, it may be added soon. This is a work in progress. Atlanta's old Hollywood Cemetery is a non-perpetual care property. That means, of course, that no one takes care of maintenance and upkeep, and after more than 110 years, it is overgrown with trees and vines and all manner of vegetation.

For example, you may find full-sized trees growing from graves, gravestones uprooted and toppled, erosion that undermines graves and markers, and many flat gravestones completely covered by years of soil and debris.

This Spring, 2011 photo shows Hollywood Cemetery's main hill. No, not the clear area on the right, but the dreary, gray, vine-shrouded area to the left. Thousands of people are buried among these trees. In the summer the gray vines will turn green, shrubs will sprout with leaves, poison ivy will be rampant, and the area will be difficult to access. If you want to go there, wait until after a killing frost—usually in December or January. Also, you should know that Hollywood Cemetery is a hazardous area. Enter at your own risk.

Panoramic view of Hollywood Cemetery looking toward the west

These gravestones are typical of what you'll see there.

Gravestone of David Eubanks in Hollywood Cemetery

Below, I've uncovered a fallen gravestone buried under six inches of dirt. I don't how long it's been since it's seen the light of day.

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Last update: May 8, 2017