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Kinship chart for

Starling Hammond

(in alphabetical order, kinda')

Hammond, A E Grandmother
B F (or Dennis Fletcher) Hammond Abt. 1812 Grandfather
Barrett, Pearla 22 May 1909 Niece In Law
Bray, Ronald Willis 02 Apr 1947 Grand Nephew In Law
Bray, Rhonda Elizabeth 13 Jul 1972 Great Grand Niece
Coffey, Marimac 1945 Grand Niece In Law
Elizabeth Grandmother
Hammond, Bessie 1879 Sister
Hammond, John D Apr 1881 Brother
Hammond, Starling M. 06 Aug 1873 Self
Hammond, Vivian Lucille Apr 1883 Sister
Hammond, W R Oct 1848 Father
Hammond, William Rice Jul 1889 Brother
Heinze, Paul Grand Nephew In Law
Hyde, Sarah Vandelia 13 Jan 1917 Niece In Law
Lucas, Katie Elizabeth 29 Oct 2002 2nd Great Grand Niece
Lucas, Tyler Andrew 06 Aug 2000 2nd Great Grand Nephew
Lucas, William David 02 Jan 1971 Great Grand Nephew In Law
Mayo, David W. Grandfather
Mayo, Mary Elizabeth Jan 1854 Mother
Mote, Joan 24 Jan 1954 Grand Niece In Law
Perry, Anthony Grand Nephew In Law
Perry, Jeffrey Great Grand Nephew
Perry, Jody Sue Great Grand Niece
Renfroe, Ruth Abt. 1898 Niece
Renfroe, William H. Brother In Law
Stephens, Allen Edward 17 Jun 1928 Grand Nephew
Stephens, Carolyn Sue 17 Feb 1939 Grand Niece
Stephens, Celia Elizabeth 22 Jun 1948 Grand Niece
Stephens, David W 1913 Nephew
Stephens, Elsie Naomi 1903 Niece
Stephens, James Hyde 13 Feb 1944 Grand Nephew
Stephens, John Allen Jun 1881 Brother In Law
Stephens, John Allen Jr 26 Jul 1905 Nephew
Stephens, Otis Hammond 24 Dec 1907 Nephew
Stephens, Virgil Hughie 30 Apr 1910 Nephew
Tarpley, Ruby E. Abt. 1906 Niece In Law





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Who is Starling Hammond? Page 2

Starling Hammond is one of our family's most puzzling characters. We know almost nothing about him—except that he was killed at a young age by a train in Utica, New York.

From the newspaper reports and family lore, he was working as a printer. I don't know where or why he learned printing. I don't know why he went to New York. I don't know much about his death, except for the newspaper accounts on the preceding page. I don't really know if his last noble words really absolved everyone else of responsibility, or if that was something that was falsely reported because of fear of liability.

But I do know where he's buried. Today, Starling Melmouth Hammond is at the Bethany Baptist Church cemetery in McDonough, Georgia, just a few miles from Atlanta.


Grave stone for Starling Hammond

I visited Bethany Baptist Church cemetery with a somewhat distant relative, Annie Ruth Hammond Patterson. Annie Ruth is not on the chart in the sidebar because I have not quite figured out where she goes. But I think her father, William Rice Hammond is the brother of Starling Hammond. And that makes him the brother of my grandmother, Vivian Lucille Hammond Stephens. C' est la vie (This is French. Who knows what it means? Who cares?)

Annie Ruth and I had a great day looking at graves and taking pictures and discussing how these people fit into the Stephens/Hammond/Mayo family.

Here's a nice picture of Annie Ruth and her son, Don Patterson at their family home in McDonough, Georgia.

Annie Ruth and son Don Patterson in McDonough, GA, 2010.

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