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Could one of these women be Rebecca Reaves?

The portrait on the main panel of this page (to the right) is the only picture I have of Rebecca Reaves—at least, it's the only one I'm sure about.

The picture below was provided by Joy Pendry, who is researching the Reeves family. She and I believe this may be a picture of the four Reeves sisters:

Rebecca may be one of the women standing on the right. Compare the two women in the detail below to the portrait in the panel on the right.

Four unknown women, possibly the four Reeves sisters, including Rebecca.

Detail showing two women on the right, one of whom may be Rebecca Reaves

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The secret wife of Dionysius Virgil Stephens: part 02 (Rebecca Reaves)

As detailed in part 1 of this story, the first wife of D. V. Stephens died at age 26. Within six months, Dionysius had married Rebecca Catherine Reaves, originally spelled Reeves.

Rebecca Reaves
Rebecca was the sister of William F. Reeves, who was a business associate of Dionysius. Several Atlanta City Directories and other documents link William Reeves and my great-grandfather Dionysius. In fact, there is some evidence that Reeves helped two of his brothers-in-law establish gunsmith and locksmith businesses.

These business-cards were provided by Joy Pendry, the great-granddaughter of William Reeves.

We know a bit more about Rebecca than we did about Mary Kitchens. In fact, we have a photograph of Rebecca late in her life. This picture shows the back of the photograph as well as explanatory text that I added. The notes may have been written by Christine Stephens Kelly, great-granddaughter of Dionysius.

The note tells us about Rebecca's kind and loving personality, based on family stories and recollections.





Picture: Rebecca Catherine Reaves Stephens, with handwritten notes from back of photo.

Research tip: When scanning old photographs and documents, you should always flip them over and scan any text, notes, or scribbles on the other side. You never know when you'll need them. Also, images can sometimes be enhanced to read things that you couldn't normally see.

This detail from the back of a different and unrelated photograph gives us some important information. We see the October 23, 1941 processing date. We see the name of the developer, and the Atlanta location. You can read more about my photo detective work here.

Detail of back of photo showing stamped date of processing

Seems like everyone in the family knows about Mary Kitchens and Rebecca Reaves, D. V.'s first and second wives. But I found something that really shocked me. He had a third wife! A mystery wife. Go to page 3 to find out about this puzzling woman.

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