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Many thanks to Judy Wilson for providing data for thousands of graves at Hollywood Cemetery.

Caution: Very hazardous terrain:
Enter at your own risk.


Fallen debris on family plot in area B.

grave plot with fallen limbs

Beech trees near the summit of the Hightower area.

Beech trees on hillside


Dodd family marker in area C.

Family grave marker for J T and Mittie Dodd

Child's gravestone for Harry F. Meigs (1905-1905) in area C.

Grave of Harry Meigs.


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Hollywood Cemetery Hightower Road Section (w/ Jewish burial area)

This section is located west of the intersection of Hightower and Hollywood Roads. The main entry point is a barely visible road from Hightower, near the top of the Tiered Section. This area is the least populated in Hollywood Cemetery

I used a 1938 aerial photo to make my trail map, shown below superimposed on a newer photo. The circular trail in the center indicates the top of the hill. I have walked all the trails indicated by the red lines; most are rough and overgrown, but can be identified in the winter months.

The yellow letters are the general areas identified in the directory of burials. The letters are loosely grouped in relation to the trails. I have not found any marked graves in the circle at the top of the hill.

Aerial view of all four sections of Hollywood Cemetery showing grid lines and divisions.

This entire area is hilly and overgrown, and a thick carpet of leaves or English ivy hides debris, holes, rocks, fallen limbs, and other things that can do you harm. Several retaining walls and plot walls have collapsed. Be careful.

Two areas, M and N, are heavily thicketed and almost impassable.

Download the directory all documented graves.


Warning: Most of Hollywood Cemetery is hazardous. Enter at your own risk.

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Last update: April 7, 2014