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Finding you ancestors
in Hollywood Cemetery

Enter the cemetery at your own risk.

Thousands of people are buried in Hollywood Cemetery's four major sections and a few smaller sections.

For a few years, I've been documenting and photographing as many graves as I can find. Along with thousands of records already created by my friend Judy Wilson, I hope to create a directory so that people can find the general location of their ancestors' graves.

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Dennard family plot at Hollywood Cemetery in 1947


This photo was made shortly after the burial of William Floyd Dennard. The grave is at the edge of the Dennard family plot on the main hill of Hollywood Cemetery. This section is defined as non-perpetual care. Photo provided by Jack Bolen.

Grave of William and Susie Dennard as it looked in 1947 Hollywood Cemetery


This photo shows the same grave around 2012. The non-perpetual care status of the cemetery means that many graves have been overtaken by vegetation or damaged by weather, falling debris, and vandalism. This gravestone is in remarkably good condition.

grave of William and Susie Dennard in 2012

William and Susie Stephens Dennard

William Floyd Dennard portraitSusie Stephens Dennard portrait


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