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Directory of all graves

Many thanks to Judy Wilson for providing data for thousands of graves at Hollywood Cemetery.


A gravestone in the northwest lower section that may not hang in there much longer.

My wife trying to uncover a gravestone in the the NW lower section.

Vinton finds a buried gravestone near Hollywood RD in the NW lower section. The lowest level of the Main Hill is open and accessible.

Uncovering a buried gravestone

Newspaper advertisement: February 5, 1892

News ad for Hollywood Cemetery stock



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The Main Hill and a Directory of all graves

The words "upper" and "lower" refer to the areas above and below the main circular access road.The northwest-lower section is roughly the size of Rhode Island. It has more than 420 graves recorded and photographed for the findagrave Website. If you are looking for a specific grave, it may take several hours. I hope to subdivide the area in the future.

The top of the main hill is the jumping off place for my map, with the two main direction lines intersecting at the Johnson gravestone.

Most of the graves were once accessible by trails between rows of plots, usually with a row of plots on the left and right of the trail. Today, it's difficult to discern these trails. This area is overgrown, rough, and difficult. There are fallen trees, holes, and sunken areas. Several of the monuments are damaged. This area is hazardous. Enter at your own risk.



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Last update: April 7, 2014